We are proud to be affiliated with caring Georgia dentists who show their dedication to providing children with healthy smiles every day. These highly educated professionals live and work in the areas they serve.

Dr. Nichols AJA

Dr. Kesha Andrews

Dr. Tiffany Baker

Dr. Mireddy Benet

Dr. Bhagwati Bhakri

Dr. Chad Boers

Dr. Joshua Burton

Dr. Michael Callahan

Dr. Candis Callaway

Dr. Wendy Cardenas

Dr. Elizabeth Check

Dr. Charley Cheney

Dr. Kellie Cox

Dr. Brian Deas

Dr. Carlos Diamonon

Dr. Jeff Foltz

Dr. James Gilbert

Dr. Jackie Gilkey

Dr. Debbie Granger

Dr. Paul Hanna

Dr. Wolanda Hardy

Dr. Ashley Hill

Dr. Robert Holovack

Dr. Jon Holskin

Dr. Shun Hsu

Dr. McMillan Jesse

Dr. Shermnae Jones

Dr. Melissa Jordan

Dr. Temilade Kadree

Dr. Nina Lett

Dr. Lewis Maria

Dr. Kalra Neelu

Dr. Michael Nolan

Dr. Kiristi Norman

Dr. Lauryn Phillips

Dr. Ulysses Pickard

Dr. Bobby Pittman

Dr. Daudrie-Ann Powell

Dr. Rozee Rattani

Dr. Gino Saponari

Dr. Amanda Sengel

Dr. King Shaunta

Dr. Manjeet Singh

Dr. Ronald Smith

Dr. Damian Sommerville

Dr. Edmund Thomas

Dr. Nguyen Vu

Dr. Allison Widmann

Dr. Antonia Williams

Dr. Inez Wright

Dr. Sharla Wyatt