Help a Child Smile has been a true blessing to Ridge Road Primary School. Living in a rural county has limitations regarding access to affordable dental care. Many local providers do not accept the insurance many of our students have thereby causing students to seek out of town treatment. Transportation is another factor that limits dental care and treatment for our students. Help a Child Smile meets all of these needs and many more for our students

Georgia Larimore, Assistant Principal Ridge Road Primary

All I have to do is call, and “Help A Child Smile” comes as often as they can.  I just love the SERVICE given to our students.  Our kids are no longer scared of the dentist.  They want to see the dentist.  Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for your SERVICE!

Christina Spurlock, Nurse Finch Elementary

“The Help A Child Smile program has been a blessing for our school and community.  The availability and kindness the staff provides our children has truly given our kids something to smile about!”

Christy Ricci, Nurse Cornelia Elementary

“If I were asked the question, “What would I consider to be one of the most beneficial outside resources and life changing things in elementary school for the kids”, I would have to say that “it’s the
HELP A CHILD SMILE Dental Program”.
I used to see a tremendous number of kids with poor oral care, weekly. Some had never been to a dentist, and some had dental caries decayed down to the gums. I even saw a few that had never owned a tooth brush. It was heart breaking. The team on the Dental Van has reinforced what our teachers teach them about the importance of oral care and long term goals.
I rarely see toothaches or abscesses anymore. I feel the credit goes to our “HELP A CHILD SMILE DENTAL PROGRAM”. Thanks for all you do for our kids!”

Debbie Britt RN, Nurse Cherokee Elementary

“The Help A Child Smile Dental Mobile has been coming to our school since 2002. Before they started seeing students in our school I was seeing kids in the clinic on a daily basis with toothache from cavities. I seldom see kids now with these problems. Students are healthier, they have more self-confident, bright smile cavity free and stay in class so they can get the education they need.”

Patricia Buck, Nurse Clay County School

“I believe this program not only benefits children physically, but also mentally, socially, and emotionally.”

Fred Boscarino, President / CEO Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce

“Help a Child Smile fills a tremendous need for many students that may not have access to quality dental care in any other fashion. They have been a true partner in meetings the  needs of our kids.”

Dr. Rob Brown, Superintendent Jeff Davis County Schools